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Four P's Strategy


A home is the largest investment many people will ever make—and the most emotional one. Tracy illuminates the costly emotional and psychological traps that sabotage people’s investment in their homes. She makes buyers and sellers aware of the role emotions and biases play, then formulates branding, marketing and acquisition strategies that capitalize on these internal drivers rather than being the effect of them.


Properly preparing a home for the market is part of the science and art of getting the highest possible return on your investment. Tracy underscores the importance of understanding the design demands of the market and how people want to live in their homes, She shows how updating and staging a home will not only sell a home more quickly but provide a four to ten times return on the dollars spent.


Pricing is an often overlooked but key component to successfully monetizing a home. Tracy unlocks the secrets how to properly value a home, details the dangers of over-pricing and, uncovers the biases that often derail the successful sale of a home and peels back the psychology that drives buyers to act “predictably irrational” and pay more than market value for a home.


If you're selling a home in our hyper-digitalized, noisy world, how do you get people's attention?

Brand it.

Tracy develops a story around every home. What is the home going to represent in the marketplace? What words will define it? What should the buyer think, feel and do in response? Why would people share the story with others?


Superior Marketing

The McLaughlin Team offers actionable advice how to best monetize the acquisition and sale of your home.

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