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Consistent Top Performer

"Whitney is a consistent top performer and adds incredible value to all buyers and sellers looking to optimize their assets.”

Meticulous and thorough

"Whitney was very thorough, meticulous and conscientious throughout our transaction and continues to do so today. I strongly recommend her for her attentiveness and market knowledge."

Over $4.5 Billion
In Sales

"We honestly could not believe that a transaction of this size could come together so quickly and seamlessly that we are still in a bit of shock."

Recognized by
The Wall Street Journal

"Tracy’s book, Real Estate Rescue, will undoubtedly change the way America looks at buying and selling homes."

Ranked Top 50
Realtors in the U.S.

"Within one week of listing it for sale, our house was under contract. Three weeks later we closed on both houses and moved into our new house."

First-Class Client Service

“First of all, we were thrilled that you spent as much (or more) time advising on our home despite its price being lower than many other homes you sell. You treated us as though we were your most important client.”

Completely On Another Level

“We were just so very pleased with the entire process. Sure, it’s great that the house sold quickly and sure it’s great that we got a great price. But there’s more to the whole process than just the outcome: the three of you each contributed with your own skill sets and we are so very appreciative of all of your hard work. And then, in a whole other category, there’s you and your crew.

Completely on another level. Your insights, guidance, experience, wisdom, eye for detail, and support were always there for us. There’s no way any other organization could have made the entire process so easy to follow. What you’ve done with Ruth and Hannah (& all of your subs and let’s give a big shout out to Bob!) is to offer up a template for how to sell a house. All we needed to do is sign up, listen, follow your guidance, and it all works out.”

Whitney McLaughlin is paving her own way!

"Even though she was raised in one of the "nation's top legacy families" she is making a name for herself. Whitney has experience in renovations and design but she is also a true visionary for pre-listing renovations and creating value for clients who have already purchased a home with her in the highly coveted Aspen, Snowmass and surrounding areas. She knows what it takes to sell a home and earn top dollar but also to purchase a home or condo and make sure you are adding adequate and smart value. We purchased a condo with Whitney in Aspen and she truly went above and beyond. She met with contractors and subs in our absence and even offered to pick us up from the airport to tour us around. When we finally closed on our purchase, her concierge level of service did not end there. She continued to send us relevant comps in the area and encouraged us to preview other high end properties for comparison along with meeting relevant subs in order to move along the process. This is only the start for Whitney. She will no doubt create a huge following and continue to build the clientele in the Aspen area that will definitely place her on the trajectory of a "top agent!" We can't wait to see what you can do! Great job Whitney.......xox"

The Results Speak
For Themselves

“We must say that when we met you back in November, we were not sure if our house was a good candidate for your services. After meeting with you, we were immediately put at ease and comfortable with the level of attention that you would provide to our process. Bringing Bob and his team into the equation was absolutely the right recommendation. When we received the estimate for the work that Bob and you recommended, we swallowed hard and put our trust with you and Bob. The results speak for themselves.”


"Whitney is a dynamic sales professional, results-driven and truly dedicated to her clients and her process. She’s a valuable partner who goes above and beyond, all while being a pleasure to work with."

Your passion for what you do
shines through

"Your dedication, expertise, and genuine care made the entire process smooth and enjoyable for us. Your professional guidance and unwavering commitment truly set you apart as an outstanding real estate agent. From the initial search to the final closing, you demonstrated a remarkable level of attentiveness and understanding of our needs, which resulted in finding the perfect home for us. Your knowledge of the local market and the Aspen community was invaluable and greatly contributed to our confidence in the decision we made. Moreover, your warmth and approachability made it easy for us to communicate openly, and your willingness to go above and beyond to accommodate our requests did not go unnoticed. Your passion for what you do shines through in every interaction, and it is evident that you genuinely care about the well-being and satisfaction of your clients. As we settle into our new home, we are filled with gratitude for your part in making this possible. Your efforts have had a profound impact on our lives, and we are genuinely excited about the memories we will create in our new home. I am happy to provide a review of my experience working with you. Your dedication to your clients is truly commendable and deserving of recognition."