40 Altura Way, GreenbraeTransformation Pictures

My clients purchased this house on May 5th, 2014 for $1,881,000. Shortly after purchasing, the owners decided to move back to Tiburon. They were very concerned about losing money by selling so quickly. Under my guidance, we implemented several cosmetic changes that included sheet rocking a wall to create a formal dining area, opening up a wall between the kitchen and great room, turning an old laundry room into an office, sheet rocking an old atrium room that had no prior heat source and creating a "rec room", changed the interior lighting, changed the exterior and interior paint colors, did full staging job, and substantially changed the landscaping. The owners spent a total of $79,931 for these improvements. I listed the house on March 28th, 2015 for $2,195,000. The house sold with multiple offers for $2,575,000, $380,000 over asking price!! My clients netted a total of $614,000 from a capital investment of just under $80,000!!